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About Manahan Consulting

We work only with government and education organizations.

Our experience and expertise in government and education planning and budgeting processes provides functional depth and technology experience exclusively in these areas.



About Manahan Consulting

We can help you select the right system, manage your project, improve your budgeting and administrative processes, and optimize the functionality in your software tools.


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About Manahan Consulting

Setting the organization’s budget is one of the most important responsibilities for elected members of the governing body.

Depending on state or local laws, the annual budget may be the legal authorization for the government to levy taxes, collect fees, hire staff, and spend money for public purposes.

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Meet Jack Manahan

Jack Manahan’s career includes 23 years in public sector finance, budget, and city and county management in Kansas and Illinois; and 13 years as a Senior Consultant with CGI Technologies & Solutions, Inc.

Because of his deep experience in budgeting and analysis in both government and consulting, he is experienced in change management and helping state and local government and education clients improve their budgeting and financial management business processes and better leverage technology.


Automated Budgeting Decision Support Systems

"A modern budget system is a planning tool that runs in a networked client/server or Web-based environment. The system is designed to store background information such as historical financial data, salary schedules, filled and vacant positions, and benefit costs. The system documents, tracks, and summarizes expenditure requests and revenue estimates that have been entered into the system by departments and have been reviewed and adjusted by central office staff. Upon adoption of the budget, the system enables the final budget to be loaded to the general ledger accounting system.

An automated budgeting decision support system is a software system that is designed to facilitate the unique requirements of governmental budgeting business processes."

Excerpted from “Automated Budgeting Decision Support Systems” by Jack Manahan in the September 2002 edition of IQ Reports, © ICMA. Used by permission.